Tips to Choose the Perfect Beauty Salon for a Wedding

In my last article we had seen Tips to choose a Perfect Wedding Venue and Natural Homemade Tips for a Soft, Shinning, Fresh and Wrinkle free Face


Now let us see few Tips to Choose the Perfect Beauty Salon for a Wedding..


Whether you are the bride, the mother of the bride, or her close family member — you want to make sure that you look nothing less than perfect during all the family events.




Choosing a beauty parlour that offers the right expertise to help you get that flawless look can be quite a daunting process.


Here are a few tips you would like to consider when looking for a stylist or choosing a best beauty salon in Chennai.

 Bridal makeup
Hair Examining by an Expert
  •   Examining the Hair and Makeup Techniques:

Professional stylists working freelance or at a salon come with some great skills to make sure that your hair and makeup not only look perfect but stay intact and fresh through the duration of the event. A true professional stylist will have a keen eye for what looks good and what doesn’t on every face type with a certain skin tone. When choosing a stylist in Chennai make sure that you meet with them to understand their training and background. Some may even show you albums of work they have done in the past that will clear your doubts.



Take a Trial Session:

Trial Session

While simply walking into any salon and spa in Chennai on the day of the event may seem like a cheaper option, you cannot afford to turn up at your special event with all the wrong tones and a hair style that makes you look gaudy. Before you are forced to make a last-minute compromise on a shoddy job, it is best to identify your salon or stylist and request a trial session.


It often happens that the stylist tips provided to you for your hair and makeup in theory may sound great, but simply do not make the cut when you actually execute it. For a bride especially, can prove to be a nightmare if you end up hating your look on D-day. It is best to ask for a trial where your assigned stylist will do a rough run of your hair and makeup for all your events. Make sure that you wear clothes that are similar in color at least to your main outfits, allowing you to get a realistic idea about your final look.


Wedding Budget

Fitting your Budget:

While you want to make sure that your stylist offers nothing but the latest trends in wedding makeup make sure that the salon or freelancer you are approaching fits your budget. If not, you will be in for a disappointment after all the talks are complete.

When you find the perfect match for your hair and makeup make sure that you do not wait around and book them soon. Most popular stylists tend to get overbooked during the wedding season.


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Tips to choose a Perfect Wedding Venue

Choose a Perfect Wedding Venue

Marriage is a once in a lifetime affair. Wedding is one of the most important events in an individuals life.

Choosing a right soul mate is one of the most blessed things on this earth. Hence weddings are very special for every individual and they want it to be the most memorable moment of their life.

Wedding Venues

In India marriages are performed with extreme care and follow traditional practice. Indian wedding also brings two families being together socially, with as much importance placed on the families as well.

Indian Weddings are filled with ceremony and celebration that continue for 3 days or even more…Normally around 50 to more than 5000 peoples attend these weddings.

Wedding preparations are done according to the individuals or the families capacity. Be it a wedding venue, Venue decoration, Jewelry, Attire and all other arrangements will be done with at most care.

When it comes to wedding arrangements one of the first things immediately after the engagements will be choosing the wedding venue. Finding the right venue is a big concern as it should not only be a place you totally love but also suits with all the event requirements.

All the below points to be noted for choosing a perfect venue:

Wedding halls with prices

Marriage Hall

  1.   Venue Capacity

It should be your top consideration if you are planning a big fat wedding. Make sure the hall is large enough to accommodate all your guests. Consider the hall with full seating arrangements / Buffet area / Dance Floor / Music area…. It is always good to visit your venue personally before you finalize it.

  1. Venue Style
    The style of the venue depends on the sense of your taste.
 Reception halls with cheap price

Destination Wedding

– For Royal weddings – Banquet halls with a 5 star service, Ballrooms, Palaces or a Fort etc.,

– For Theme weddings choose Venue with a sea view like Beach Resorts, Farm houses etc.,
– For Outdoor Weddings choose Venue like Hotel Lawns, National parks, Resorts, etc.,
– For Traditional Weddings choose Wedding Halls, Community halls, Party halls,Temples, etc.,

  1.   Amenities

Take into consideration of the acoustics of the venue, Vehicle parking facilities, Accommodation and transportation facilities for the guests, etc..,

  1.   Budget

Ideally your spend on the venue and accommodation should not exceed more than 55% of your wedding budget. Consider the venues only which fit your budget. If a venue of your choice is bit expensive than your allocated budget, cut down the cost on your decorations and other vendors

  1.     Lighting
 Wedding halls with AC

Wedding Hall

Make sure the lighting of the venue is appropriate, be it a wedding hall or a Ball room or a Beach resort or any other venue, the venue is not too dim or that the lighting can be controlled for the entire event. Especially for the events at dusk in outdoors the lighting to be taken care of.

  1.     Multiple Events at a time

Multiple weddings halls within a same compound / Banquet halls / Hotels / Resorts / Temples hold more than one event at a time. If there will be other events going on along with yours, there are chances of congested parking / lift / and the common area.

It’s always better to schedule when there is no other event on the next door or visit the venue when there is a multiple event to check the ambience and convenience before you book that venue.

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